Gazpack is a company founded in 2006, which manufactures fully customer-specific installations for cleaning oil gas and biogas. With the patented Sulaway® and Sulago® desulfurization methods.


Gazpack BV.

The Sulaway® unit is the heart of the Gazpack installation and fully customer specific. Our Suluway® is built to convert large capacities of biogas to biomethane (>1500 Nm³/h). Therefore, a wide range of capacities can be achieved. Besides that, we can offer solutions for large-scale upgrading and the system can handle high H₂S content.


One year ago, our technical department developed a new solution: Sulago®. As previously stated, Sulaway® was initially designed to convert large volumes of biogas into biomethane. However, Sulago® can play a major role in today’s market, as lower capacities are particularly in demand. Sulago® has an appealing CapEx to OpEx ratio when it comes to capacities between 100 Nm³/h-1500 Nm³/h. Therefore, using Sulago® will result in lower costs per cubic meter biomethane, and the break-even point is reached sooner. Due to its small footprint, it is suitable for easy on-site installation.

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