Mini Valves & Repture Disc Holder

The Mini Valve is designed for long term performance in the most demanding environmental conditions and services. Seat and Seal materials are available for hot, cold, wet, freezing, dirty sour gas (H2S), carbon dioxide (CO2), amines, corrosion inhibitors, methanol and glycol compounds found in your Pipeline and Transmission system. Available with Double O-Ring Stem Seal or PTFE packed. Features like Stem Seal below threads and Back Seat Design are standard. The Soft Seats are field replaceable. The valve is also available with an Integral Rupture Disc (1,800 psi [124 bar] rated). Rupture Disc Holders are available with or without Rupture Disc. 

Standard Feature:
• Bore Size 0.138" (3.5 mm)
• Soft Seated
• Stem Seal
- Double O-Ring Design as standard
- PTFE Packing is also available for all valve types
• Standard Rupture Disc 1,800 psi (124 bar) rated

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